Congratulations, You Can Mail-Merge!

I had this exact thought the other day and need to share this great article by Morgan Stewart. Quick quote:

I’ve received over 500 emails so far this year in which the subject line included my first name. “Morgan, Book Now & Save on Top Travel Deals” “Morgan – Congratulations! Your Nomination to Cambridge Who’s Who!” “Morgan, Get Dad a 58″ Samsung Widescreen.”

When I see an email with my name in the subject line, my first thought is not “Phew! These guys know my name!” No, it’s become a red flag for spam.

He’s spot-on: these days seeing my name in the subject line is almost a sure sign of spam. Read the entire post here.

Good to know I share good company on the Cambridge Who’s Who list.

Author: Mike Hillyer

Based in Calgary, Canada, I've managed the Enterprise Sales Engineering team at Message Systems since 2006, helping senders such as Facebook, Salesforce and get the message out to their customers. Previously I was a Technical Writer, Trainer and Speaker for MySQL AB, the makers of the world's most popular Open Source RDBMS.