Compiling Darwin Streaming Server for Centos 5 x86-64

Darwin Streaming Server works well on Linux, and on my preferred platform CentOS 5, but not without compiling it yourself. Linux is not a supported platform in the code provided by Apple, but fortunately a patched version of the source has been provided by a member of the DSS community.

To use Darwin Streaming Server on CentOS 5, follow these steps:

1) Get and install RPM building tools and the source RPM:

yum install rpm-build gcc make gcc-c++ perl-Net-SSLeay
rpm -i DarwinStreamingServer-6.0.3-2.src.rpm

2) Build the source RPM:

cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/
rpmbuild -bb DarwinStreamingServer.spec

3) Install the built RPM:

cd /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/x86_64/
rpm -U DarwinStreamingServer*

4) The install will hang after warning you to change the password with qtpasswd (you certainly should do so), resolve it by killing the DSS daemon from another shell session:

killall -9 DarwinStreamingServer

And that’s it. There are plenty of resources out there for using and configuring DSS that can take you from here, but you can find the config at /etc/dss/streamingserver.xml, the logs are at /var/log/dss/ and the video files are at /var/dss/movies. By loading rstp://<yourserver>:554/sample_100kbit.mp4 you can verify everything is working.

Author: Mike Hillyer

Based in Calgary, Canada, I've managed the Enterprise Sales Engineering team at Message Systems since 2006, helping senders such as Facebook, Salesforce and get the message out to their customers. Previously I was a Technical Writer, Trainer and Speaker for MySQL AB, the makers of the world's most popular Open Source RDBMS.