Fixing Issues With Dodge / Chrysler Radios and iPhone 4

I recently moved to a 2011 Chrysler Town & Country and ran into an issue where my iPhone 4 simply would not get along with the 430n RHB radio built into the vehicle. This was frustrating as the radio in this (and the 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan I had previously) have pretty good iPhone/iPod integration for a stock radio. When I plugged the iPhone into the USB port of the RHB, I would get “Reading…” and then “Error Occured”, and when I would use the Bluetooth A2DP feature the sound would be garbled and stuttery any time the screen on the iPhone was active. The Bluetooth audio issue would present itself even though Uconnect was working fine for handsfree calling.

The good news is this is fixed via a software update that I found at, here’s the important part:

1) First check to see which version of software your Uconnect came with. On my Patriot the module is behind the glove box and is easy to get to. I am not sure how easy this is to access on other vehicles.

Look at the SW number on the module. If you have SW 43.01.10 or 43.1.30, this update should work for you. This is where you find the SW number:

2) Download the file:
For US mid-large vehicles (Wrangler, Durango, Grand Cherokee, Town & Country van, RAM), download this file (
For US small vehicles (Compass, Challenger, Patriot, Caliber, 200) download this file (

For Euro large vehicles, download this file (
For Euro small vehicles, download this file (

3) Put this file onto an empty usb drive

4) Plug the usb drive into the vehicles remote USB port (NOT on the radio). It should be either in the center console or glove box

5) Press and hold the Uconnect Phone button for approx. 15 seconds, until you hear Software Update started

6) Wait until the update is completely finished (about 10-15 minutes or so) During this update, the radio will beep over and over (you can turn this down with the volume knob). If after about 5 minutes you hear “This file archive not compatible with this vehicle,” than either you used the wrong download, OR your radio does not currently have an update available

On my Chrysler Town & Country (and likely on 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan models) the Uconnect module was located roughly behind the headlight switch on the lower-left of the dash and I was able to contort near the brake pedal to see it without having to disassemble the dash.

For those feeling less adventurous, you can take your vehicle into your dealer to have the fix applied, ask about TSB Number 08-036-11.