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  • Pictures from Life as a Sales Engineer

    There’s not many memes that I jump on the bandwagon for, but I’ve seen enough people having fun with this that I have to join in. When my demo hits a snag… When my Sales Exec calls to say the deal is closed… When my Sales Exec says he wants to move forward after I […]

  • More Wisdom From Ed Catmull

    Another great video of Ed Catmull speaking at the 2012 General Commencement of the University of Utah: Jump to 98:25 for the commencement address. What follows are my notes as I watch the video myself. I love the importance he ascribes to creativity, even in industries that are not typically considered creative. He also […]

  • Management Lessons From Phineas & Ferb

    One of the best things about having small kids is they can be used as a cover for watching cartoons, and one of our favorites is Phineas & Ferb. For those unfamiliar with the show, here’s a sample: This is a great show because it’s one of those shows that can entertain both adults and […]

  • The Management Wisdom of Ed Catmull

    I greatly admire Pixar and its people, and one of the people I admire greatly is Ed Catmull, the Pixar founder. His personal contributions to computer science and computer graphics are phenomenal, but he’s also an excellent leader and businessman. The following video from an Economist conference provides a good example of his wisdom: And […]