Category: Deliverability

  • Message Queuing & Segregation: Lessons from the Airline Industry

    Note: This also appears at Many email marketers are unaware of the importance of message queuing to the successful delivery of their email. As a component of their messaging infrastructure, queuing is something that marketers typically defer to their IT department to manage. Yet, the reality is that queuing and the segregation of message streams […]

  • Technical Considerations For IP Warmup

    Introduction In response to the recent news regarding Goodmail closing its doors, Tom Sather at Return Path published a blog entry regarding IP warmup and the difference it can make for inbox placement. Tom sums up the need for IP warmup well: If you had talked to any email marketer 10 years ago and asked […]

  • Congratulations, You Can Mail-Merge!

    I had this exact thought the other day and need to share this great article by Morgan Stewart. Quick quote: I’ve received over 500 emails so far this year in which the subject line included my first name. “Morgan, Book Now & Save on Top Travel Deals” “Morgan – Congratulations! Your Nomination to Cambridge Who’s […]

  • Mailchimp Makes Project Omnivore Public

    Pretty impressive blog post at MailChimp today, in which they make public the details of their Project Omnivore: In short: Omnivore is a program that runs in the background and analyzes email campaign and user account data. Non-stop. When it finds anything suspicious about a MailChimp user or his campaigns, it’ll do one of […]