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  • Message Queuing & Segregation: Lessons from the Airline Industry

    Note: This also appears at http://www.messagesystems.com/wordpress/?p=38. Many email marketers are unaware of the importance of message queuing to the successful delivery of their email. As a component of their messaging infrastructure, queuing is something that marketers typically defer to their IT department to manage. Yet, the reality is that queuing and the segregation of message streams […]

  • Technical Considerations For IP Warmup

    Introduction In response to the recent news regarding Goodmail closing its doors, Tom Sather at Return Path published a blog entry regarding IP warmup and the difference it can make for inbox placement. Tom sums up the need for IP warmup well: If you had talked to any email marketer 10 years ago and asked […]

  • Be Aware: Phishing Attack Targeting ESPs and Large Email Senders

    This just in from Return Path: Over the course of the past five weeks, spam campaigns have been aimed at the staff members of over 100 ESPs and gambling sites. These targets have received emails typically with content that mentions the staffer by name, and purports to be from a couple, presumably friends or co-workers. […]

  • How To Send One Billion Email Marketing Messages Per Month

    One *Billion* Emails In email marketing there are senders of all shapes and sizes, from small businesses using self-serve ESPs to the largest web properties self-sending to massive user bases. While only a few senders will reach or exceed volumes of one billion messages per month, the tools and practices needed to achieve such a volume […]

  • Congratulations, You Can Mail-Merge!

    I had this exact thought the other day and need to share this great article by Morgan Stewart. Quick quote: I’ve received over 500 emails so far this year in which the subject line included my first name. “Morgan, Book Now & Save on Top Travel Deals” “Morgan – Congratulations! Your Nomination to Cambridge Who’s […]

  • Mailchimp Makes Project Omnivore Public

    Pretty impressive blog post at MailChimp today, in which they make public the details of their Project Omnivore: http://www.mailchimp.com/blog/project-omnivore-declassified. In short: Omnivore is a program that runs in the background and analyzes email campaign and user account data. Non-stop. When it finds anything suspicious about a MailChimp user or his campaigns, it’ll do one of […]